Vitamin A and Deworming

Public health issues addressed by nutrition promotion efforts include both disease prevention and vitamin supplementation.

Children in the population are susceptible to worms, a major risk factor for anemia and malnutrition. Clinics provide preventive deworming medicine every six months to every child aged 0-12 years, the most vulnerable segment of the population.

Children aged six months to five years also receive a biannual Vitamin A supplement to prevent Vitamin A deficiency, a major risk factor for blindness, diarrhea, measles, and pneumonia in children. This simple intervention promotes health and reduces incidence of potentially fatal diseases.

Program Accomplishments

  • Currently the Vitamin A Supplementation and Deworming program (ADWP) is administered by twenty mobile health clinics with a target population of 66,026 that includes about 30,000 children age 0 to 12.
  • In addition, the program works with 279 schools in the clinic areas to reach children age 5-12.
  • The program has distributed Vitamin A and deworming medicine at six 6-month intervals.
  • KDHW has trained 58 additional people in vitamin A/deworming distribution, including seven school teachers.

Health workers work with schools to reach 5-12 year old children.


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