Future Plans

KDHW hopes to expand its existing programs in the future and to build organizational capacity by strengthening health worker training and through implementation of more extensive monitoring and quality management programs. We hope also to establish maternal and child health care centers, a mental health assessment program, and a mental health, drug, and alcohol training program. We aim to continue serving the IDP population through expansion of the mobile health clinic program, and to increase cooperation with local ethnic organizations also working in Karen state. With their help, and with continued support from donors, we shall continue to work toward our goal of providing medical care to all people living in Karen State.

The success of KDHW’s future plans will depend on increased donor support in the form both of technical support and of financial support that allows for flexible funding. The lowering of drug procurement costs, which comprise more than half the KDHW budget, would greatly benefit all of KDHW’s programs. In addition, KDHW’s health workers must be recognized as politically neutral and medically necessary by Burma’s government, and be allowed to travel inside Karen state without harassment or violence.

Thank you to everyone whose hard work and support makes KDHW’s work possible. We hope that this web site helps illuminate what we do and draws more attention to the health situation inside Burma. Only when true peace is achieved can KDHW accomplish its goal of providing comprehensive health care to everyone in Karen State. We hope that day comes soon.


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