KDHW is grateful to its partners and donors which include partners at the border and within Myanmar, non-profit organizations, other charity groups, individuals and volunteers.

Donations to support the work of KDHW

Donations are very welcome. KDHW needs financial support – the department organizes, funds and provides the primary health care for over 250,000 population in remote Karen areas. Costs are covered by donations, small grants, and donated labor.  The department serves the public health by its efforts to reduce mortality due to malaria and trauma, including landmine injuries, and to reduce the spread of disease and infection. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

At this time, KDHW is able to accept donations via its U.S. partner, Global Health Access Program (GHAP), the health branch of Community Partners International (CPI). If you would like to donate to support the work of KDHW, please click MAKE A DONATION below. You will connect to CPI’s Donation page. You can mail a donation or donate online.



You will receive a tax receipt for your donation from Community Partners International.

Learn more about GHAP and Community Partners International at their website:

Thank you to everyone whose hard work and support makes KDHW’s work possible. We hope that this website explains what we do and draws more attention to the health situation inside Burma. Only when true peace is achieved can the KDHW carry out its goal of providing comprehensive health care to everyone in Karen State. We hope that day comes soon.

Major 2017 Funders include:

KDHW’s long standing partners include:


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