MRE Vocational Training and Learning New Skills

Landmines continue to cause injuries and death for people who live in eastern Burma. Villagers are maimed, injured and a signifiant percentage of those who are injured are fatally wounded. Those who survive no longer have the means to support themselves and their families.

The second workshop for vocational training for land mine amputees was recently held.  The training has four teaching aims:

  • make cement blocks
  • use stones for construction – create a wall
  • create flat surface using natural stone
  • how make a water tank using cement blocks including finishing the surface with mortar

Most victims were farmers and are not able to continue to do agricultural work after their injuries.

Trainees learn to make cement blocks

Preparing to make a straight wall

The first aim has been achieved for most of the trainees.  Additional workshops will be conducted to assess what is feasible for the other objectives.

Further training in business skills and start up funding are also needed to assist victims to start a business and a new way to earn income.

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